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Anti-abortion lawmakers in Nebraska have already sent people to jail for getting an abortion. They are showing us what their real agenda is: punishing abortion seekers and loved ones who help us in a cruel effort to control us and rob us of the freedom to make decisions about our bodies, lives, and futures.

Nobody should live in fear of making the health care decision that’s right for them. Making abortion a crime makes us all less safe.

We believe that working class Nebraskans seeking abortion care deserve support and compassion. Instead, we have anti-abortion leaders in our state undermining people’s privacy and threatening us with jail time simply for getting the care we need. We’ve had enough of this surveillance and the government invading our private lives – we’re fighting back!


We are fighting for a Nebraska where everyone who needs an abortion can get it, without stigma or fear! People seeking care should be met with love and compassion, not judgment and punishment!


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